About Jenne

Jennifer Yun Photography, Jenne Yun, wedding portrait photographer, Toronto

What exactly is lifestyle photography?

Lifestyle photography is about capturing who you are. Your natural smile. Your infectious laughter. Your unique mannerisms.

It’s about seeing you for you and allowing your inner self shine through.

It’s why I fell in love with photographing people. Every person I have ever met has an inner camera personality living within… some just take a little longer to coax out into the open.

Lifestyle photography is versatile. Whether it’s weddings, engagements, families or individuals, the ability to capture you for who you are makes me excited to be documenting a special part of your life and living it in that moment with you.

Beyond photography, I’m a licensed naturopathic doctor, I love to cook + make up new recipes, and I love, love, LOVE to run. All of this makes up a significant part of who I am and what I bring to your session as an artist behind a great big camera!

Let’s take a journey together + let me show you why I love what I do.