Renée + Imran : Guelph Engagement

Renée and Imran both went to the University of Guelph. At different times. Imran was finishing up and off traveling when Renée started her undergrad year. Both, not native to Guelph, had come for their undergrad degrees, left, and at some point or another with short detours to Toronto, ended back in Guelph. Their paths were fated to cross as a mutual friend introduced the two and the rest was history.

I met up with Renée and Imran in Guelph (where else?!) for their engagement session. I’m always super excited to shoot sessions outside of Toronto… unfamiliar locations are always a nice challenge and gets me pumped for the possibilities! It also doesn’t hurt that Renée and Imran were uber-fun in front of the camera. Loved the sweet moments of laughter and giddiness that came with this session.

Renée and Imran, thank you so much for letting me capture the beauty of your relationship. You deserve everything that is wonderful in life and I hope your wedding in August is absolutely stunning.

Much love, Jenne.

Happy long weekend!

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