Setting Goals.

Having goals is a motivator for me. Whether it’s goals in my personal health, business or life in general, goals are what keep me on that path to figuring out what I want for myself in life. They can be as small as getting through the week and crossing everything off my to-do list or as big as a marathon.

Yeah, you read that right. A marathon. I will be running the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon this October. For me, this the ultimate goal in my long list of things I want to do for my health. This will force me to train so as not to look like a complete wimp when I hit that wall at around the 30km mark and just want to curl up and die. Okay, maybe not die. More like puke my guts out and collapse on the side of the road amongst the screaming spectators who have no idea what it feels like to hit said wall. But run this marathon, I will (now, I sound like Yoda) and to avoid the aforementioned deathly spectacle, I will train and prepare myself for this particular goal.

Now that that’s out there, here’s a tiny peek at a wedding I’ll be posting shortly…

Happy Wednesday!

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